Let's Get to the Fund$

Week 1
  • Set up your Demo and Live Account and make your first live trades and withdrawals, or practice until you feel comfortable Doesn't matter if it's $10, that money you made from pressing buttons on your cell phones.

  • Write down your goals and your WHY. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

  • Share this solution 10x per day, who knows, you could even hit your first rank in this building. It's not just about you, but what you can help others do. 

  • Get on every training. Repetition is the fundamental basis of learning!

Week 2

Get on every training. Repetition is the fundamental basis of learning!

Keep utilizing the copy and paste method for your next withdrawal. 

Continue to engage in chats and ask questions. 

Share the solution 10x per day. Would you rather pay to trade, trade for free, or get paid to trade? 

Week 3

Repeat Weeks 1 and 2. 

Practice harmonic scanner trades in your demo own your own. 

Find a consistent GoLive educator to plug in with. 

Week 4

Repeat Weeks 1-3. It's been almost 30 days, have you given it 110%? 

Revisit your why. You have lifelong goals, they won't all get accomplished in 30 days, but have you worked to make them happen? 

Did you hit your first rank yet? Why or why not? If you followed the steps and your mentors you should be able to secure at least $600 per month and making consistent withdrawals from this market. 

Are you maintaining responsibility for your success? 

Rinse and repeat until you gain the success you desire. Lock in with your mentor and let's get everything you came for!