I just got started with Forex...now what? 

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Start by downloading your money making apps: 

  • MetaTrader4

  • Zoom

  • Telegram

Without engaging with these, your success will be hard to find!


Use Telegram to get added to your main trade ideas and networking chats. 

Muting Chats = Muting Money! 

Contact the individual that helped you get started to determine which chats you're supposed to be in!


When you feel educated enough to begin trading with your real money, you may set up your brokerage account so you can start making money! Until you feel equipped with the skillset, you do not have to trade with real money.

Your brokerage preference is completely up to you. You may engage in the community chat to determine which option is best for you, and do your due diligence of research as well.

Fund your Account 


Plug in and profit!

Rules to success in this opportunity: 

  • Get on the trainings repeatedly 

  • Utilize im.center for your education 

  • Take the trades that fit your account size and don't over leverage

  • Profit. Withdraw. Share. Repeat!

How Do I Withdraw? 

Withdraw Part 1

Withdraw Part 2


Success Rules (The Blueprint to 6+ Figures)

  • Take every trade (according to your account size) 

  • Get on every trade

  • Be consistent and disciplined

  • Give this BUSINESS 6-12 months of intentionality the same way you would if you were dedicating your time top a new position.


What can I trade with my account size?
With proper risk management and discipline:
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